Parents who have a child attending the youth conference can attend the adult program at the same time for half price. 

An adult conference usually costs $230, so the parent may ask for a discount of $115.

You can ask for the discount when you register for the adult conference.  There is a "parent discount" button on the on-line registration form when there is an adult conference and a youth conference at the same time.

If space allows, a parent might also sojourn and eat meals with the adult group , but not participate in the adult conference.

As space allows, a parent may also stay ( aka: sojourn, personal retreat) in Pitt Hall when there is not a program for the same cost of $115 for the two nights.  Cereal, coffee and tea are available in the morning, but other meals are not provided.

Sojourning is not usually an option if Pitt Hall is rented out to a community group or a closed function.

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