To foster spiritual growth after the manner of Friends and to strengthen the application of Friends’ testimonies in the world.




To be the place of heart-felt welcome where all are empowered to live authentically in the world and to recognize truth and call it forth from one another.




Friends believe there is that of God in every person. Each of us has the capacity to experience and respond to the movement of Spirit in our lives. We honor the upwelling of Spirit and its expression in one another, including children, the aged and all in between. Grounded by this Spirit, we:

  • recognize the dignity of every person
  • accept our responsibility to care for the earth and all its inhabitants
  • reject violence of any kind
  • strive to conduct ourselves with integrity and to focus on what is essential, and
  • embrace community through active listening, shared work and joyful connections





1. Strengthen our programming that grounds individuals in our Quaker faith

Increase our focus on supporting individuals (seekers) in being deeply grounded in the practice of our Quaker faith

2. Prepare and support those who apply Friends’ testimonies in the world

Increase opportunities for individuals and groups to gain specific skills and otherwise prepare and be supported to apply our faith, values, ministry and witness in our daily lives

3. Deepen local connections

Develop and implement a strategy to deepen our local connections and ground us in place



1. Preserve and develop our facilities

Preserve our facilities and enhance them to support program goals, meet our guests’ needs and expectations, and reduce long-term stress on staff and financial resources, and in accordance with our values

2. Communicate effectively in support of our goals

Implement an effective communications plan in support of our program and fundraising strategies and achievement of our mission

3. Institutionalize planning, monitoring, and evaluation

Institutionalize program and financial planning, monitoring, and evaluation systems to strengthen program, fiscal, and operations management

4. Mobilize significant funds in support of these strategic priorities

Conduct a capital campaign that prioritizes funding for preserving and enhancing key aspects of Powell House’s physical plant and bolstering investment income to meet programmatic and operational needs


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Powell House is the conference and retreat center of the 

New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Powell House
524 Pitt Hall Rd
Old Chatham,  NY
phone  518-794-8811
fax     518-794-8815
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