Tending the Flock:  A weekend to encourage Friends called to pastoral ministry
April 27-29, 2018

In keeping with our commitment to welcome Friends regardless of financial means, this is a Pay-As-Led event. For reference, the Powell House fee scale is as follows:  Comprehensive rate: $280   Standard Rate: $240    Reduced Rate: $200   Please know that you can register without payment if your meeting is supporting your attendance. You can also enter the amount you are contributing once you get to Paypal. There you can choose the amount you pay if you don't find the amount listed on the website.

In each of our Friends Meetings—regardless of the form of our worship—there are Friends to whom God has given a heart for this particular people; this particular community

Pastoral ministry is alive among Friends, whether or not we recognize it by that name.

“Tending the Flock” will be a gathering for—and of—such Friends, called into pastoral ministry (by whatever name), for mutual encouragement and growth, supported by skilled facilitation and informative presentations led by Jan Wood of North Seattle (Washington) Friends Church.


Who might your meeting send?

When you consider the ecosystem of your Meeting (and regardless of formal role):

  • Who in your meeting holds a continual concern for the wellbeing of the Meeting as a body?  In other words, to whom has God “given a heart” for your people?
  • Who walks alongside individuals and/or Meetings and encourages them in their spiritual development?
  • Who in your meeting do Friends turn to when there are difficulties to untangle? Who do people confide in, trusting their guidance and care?

 We hope these Friends will be able to participate in this weekend-long gathering.  Please encourage them to register directly at www.powellhouse.org.

So that we may host the Friends you may recommend, and to help us understand their experience and gifts, please send their names, a brief description of their gifts as you see them, and their contact information to either:   

For NEYM: Honor Woodrow, Clerk of NEYM Ministry & Counsel,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For NYYM: Steve Mohlke, NYYM General Secretary, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 The Tending the Flock planning committee:

Honor Woodrow (Clerk of NEYM Ministry and Counsel, Framingham Meeting, MA)        

Maggie Edmondson (Pastor, Winthrop Center Friends Church, ME)

Regina Baird Haag (Co-Executive Director of Powell House, Old Chatham Meeting, NY)

Steve Mohlke (General Secretary, NYYM, Ithaca Meeting, NY)

Noah Merrill (Secretary, NEYM, Putney Meeting, VT)

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