May 11-13, 2018    



In the style of the Powell House youth program, parents with kids of all ages will gather to explore how we empower ourselves and our offspring.

Two long winter nights with an almost-full moon will give us time to tell our stories to each other, weaving together our experiences of jobs, schools, relationships, family, travels, joys, and troubles.

We will delight in games, small group discussions, large group exercises, self space time and gathering in communal silence. We will move, be still, laugh, eat well, be creative, and bask in the moment.

Join other parents who share your journey as we learn and gather strength from each other.

Let the joy of a Powell House conference light up these winter evenings.

Fee: $230/adult,   $115/ ages 13-22,   $58 / infants - 12,   $165/ adult commuter

AT THE SAME TIME ... the 5th - 7th grade conference in the Anna Curtis Center (ACC) is

" Hard Stuff, Squishy Stuff"

If your kid is attending the youth conference, you can check the registration for the 50% discount - 

note that this applies to any Powell House program on the same weekend as a youth conference.


Julie Glynn returns to facilitate this gathering again. Julie is the parent of three and a once-upon-a-time youth attender who is now active in Brooklyn Meeting. She is an expert in finding delight.

Mike Clark will facilitate with her.  His 18 years as Powell House youth co-director and raising two adult children have shown Mike the necessity of finding the fun and the spirit in parenting.



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