Being of Service: Exploring Public Ministry in our Meetings

February 10-12, 2017 at Powell House 


Some Meetings struggle to name the spiritual gifts that their members are carrying. Others have lots of members active in ministry but wonder what they can provide in terms of support, development / nourishment, and accountability. Others still wonder exactly what it is that ministry is and whether or not they’re “the kind of meeting” that does it. In all of these cases, if you are a person that feels called into service, you might not quite know what your role is, how to get the connection and support you need, or what the relationship is supposed to be between your personal sense of leading and your community’s oversight of it. If any of these things seem familiar this is a weekend for you!


During our time together we’ll talk about the life-cycle of service and the kinds of things that are most useful when people are just starting out compared to when they’ve been in the work for a while. Discussion topics will include different models of service (not just vocal ministry!), strategies for seeking support, and the role of communal accountability for individuals in public ministry. Time will also be given to talking about what we think ministry actually is and to making sure that we all have time to share our challenges, joys, stories, and wisdom.


Kristina is the mother of a first grader, a wife, and a member of Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting in NEYM. Kristina is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Theology with a Masters of Divinity and a focus on chaplaincy.  She travels in the Ministry, within and beyond the RSOF, facilitating retreats and leading programmed worship in Quaker churches and other settings. She serves as the Minister for Earth Community at Common Street Spiritual Center and coordinates Creation Care Ministry for the American Baptist Churches in Massachusetts. Kristina is an acknowledged Elder among Friends, childbirth doula, hospice volunteer, mediator in small claims court, master composter, permaculture designer, and loves singing.


Callid is a husband, father, and member of Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting in NEYM. He has traveled in Ministry within and beyond the Friends’ denomination since 2008 and is now completing his PhD in Theology at Boston University, studying public education and how schools spiritually affect youth. With Kristina he is the co-creator of “Jewels of Quakerism” and has facilitated Bible studies, offered public ministry, and led retreats throughout the US. More at


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