Look for  the blue - Young Adult Spiritual Nurture Series ***

***A series of events planned and facilitated by young adults, sponsored by New York Yearly Meeting


Feb 1-3 It’s All Around Us Young adults, including 11th grade and up

Wonder.  Beauty.   Truth.   Interconnection.  
This retreat we will practice immersion, awareness and expression.
Finding the words to hold the mystery for a moment.
Allowing us to share it with one another.
Reminding us of our being there to witness It.  Not getting too heavy.  Holding It lightly.
Seriously playful.  Playfully serious.   

The fee is $160.  There is a $30 discount if you are coming to another adult or youth conference in the winter or spring.

*** February 24, 2019   One-Day Mini Retreat: What is Discernment? Quaker Decision-Making in the 21st Century

(The Sunday following Meeting for Discernment on Saturday)
Location: Poughkeepsie Monthly Meeting, Poughkeepsie, NY

Meetings for Discernment are an ongoing experiment in extended worship of New York Yearly Meeting—two periods of silent, waiting worship held twice a year, each lasting more than the usual one hour, with some interval of time between them. This year's winter Meeting for Discernment is February 23. We invite you to join us in extended worship on Saturday and then for a day of reflection and learning about discernment on Sunday. It is not required for you to attend both events. We will explore the history and purpose of discernment and Quaker decision-making and we will explore ways that this history informs and translates into the 21st Century. Register here

Mar 15-19    Spring Lobby Weekend   Friends' Committee on National Legislation

Join 400 Quaker young adults in Washington, DC, to learn about current political issues from the perspective of Friends testimonies and get oriented to the lobbying process.  FCNL will schedule lobbying visits at both Senators offices from your state and the House of Representatives office for your district.  We will be taking a high school group from Powell House / New York Yearly Meeting.  Young adults should sign up on your own.  Let us know you will be there!

April 19-21    Powell House Work weekend -

all ages, but we need the 15 - 40 year olds to fill this up and get lots of work done!


Clerking in the 21st Century ***
 May 3 - 5, 2019
@ Powell House - designed for young adults and other folks learning about Quaker process

This weekend will provide opportunities for Young Adults at all phases of their Quakerdom to learn about clerking. Come if you know a lot, know a little, know nothing, or perhaps think you know something but aren't sure. We will hear from current and former Yearly Meeting, Monthly Meeting, Committee, and Youth clerks and discuss how traditional clerking translates into the 21st Century. At the end of this workshop, participants will know more about clerking and also have built skills to move into clerking roles. What does clerking look like during a committee meeting over video chat? What role does changing technology play in the way we conduct business? How do 21st Century mindsets align or misalign with traditional practices? Where do we go from here? Join us to answer these questions, enjoy the beauty of Powell House in the spring, and to build and deepen our skills in and knowledge of an important Quaker practice! Register here

June 7 -9     Youth Program Reunion for grad years  2014-2017

 A full weekend for those who graduated in the last 5 years to reconnect, recenter, and relax together.

June 8 One-Day Mini Retreat: Why Am I? An Exploration of Authenticity, Integrity, and Courage ***

Location: Farmington Friends Meeting, Farmington, NY

This workshop will be focused on finding and illuminating your heart’s Truth. Together, we will explore our Faith journeys and make active connections between our inner and outer selves, considering the intersections and gaps between our Faith, our dreams, and our realities. Through worship, fellowship, learning sessions, and games, we will dig deep into the big questions of why we are here and what we are being called to do. Join us to explore these questions and what it means to live out our visions, callings, gifts, and ministry with authenticity, integrity, and courage. Register here

July 20-21     What do Young Adults Need?  Residential closing celebration of the young adult spiritual nurture series

 (Before Summer Sessions—car pool/caravan to Silver Bay to follow)  at Powell House, Old Chatham, NY
​The grand finale! As we consider the year together and our experiences as Friends, join us to discuss what Young Adults need to be full participants in Quaker communities and what it will take to meet these needs. Help us draft an epistle that captures our experiences over the year that we can bring with us to Summer Sessions. Then join us in a joyful caravan to Summer Sessions! Attendance at Summer Sessions is not required but encouraged, especially because...

Did you know that for the first time NYYM Summer Sessions will be pay-as-led? The hope is that this change will allow more young adults to come and participate in and with the Beloved Community. Intentional spaces will be created for YAFs to continue in the community built over the year with special meals and events.  NOTE: Summer sessions registrations will start much earlier this year.  Information should be on the NYYM web site in January.

Financial aid is available on request for Powell House Programs.  
Do not stay away because of money. 

Create your own currency - pay with a positive Spirit, helping hands, and a welcoming smile.

Powell House is the conference and retreat center of the 

New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

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