The Powell House Subscription Series


As we begin to launch the second year of offering a subscription series for individuals and monthly meetings at Powell House, let’s review the specifics of the program.
The individual plan: Any individual who pays $720 is eligible to come to as many Powell House programs as they’d like for one year.

The monthly meeting plan: A monthly meeting that pays $1440 can have one person at each Powell House program for one year.
Powell house subscriptions do not include yearly meeting events or other rental group events. Examples of events that are not included are: Coordinating Committee Weekend and Monthly Meeting retreats. Events jointly sponsored by PoHo and another organization ARE included: Like QREC, or the “Creating Generous Congregations” retreat. Sometimes there is an additional charge to defray an added cost. The added cost will be charged to a subscription holder (like $20 per person for the Contemplative retreat in January, or $50 for the Dian Killian Non-Violent Communication retreat in June.)
Powell House wants to receive the name of the person who will be attending each program from the monthly meeting clerk. The monthly meeting may have to develop an internal discernment process for determining which attender will get to use the subscription at each program. This may deepen relationships and decision-making capacity within the meeting!
Subscriptions will run for one year from the date Powell House receives the fee for each monthly meeting or individual.
Please feel free to inquire about other questions or concerns you might have with Co-Executive Director Regina Baird Haag at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 518-794-8811.
Here are some testimonials from a few current subscription holders:
“The Powell House subscription plan lets me support a place that means a lot to my family, while also allowing me to attend conferences on a regular basis without second guessing. The more one attends PoHo, the better for heart and soul, and the subscription definitely encourages more frequent attendance. It also greatly simplifies the registration process. Found time! What a gift.”
Joanna Oltman Smith, Brooklyn Meeting, individual subscription holder

“New Paltz Meeting has used our subscription to send F/friends to PoHo who have never been there and to support our First Day School work by enabling those involved to attend  a weekend for  FDS teachers.  We have given preference in the subscription's  use to those who have never been to PoHo and we have not had any problems with making that qualification.  Having the subscription enables us the enrich our own worship and commitment to Quakerism and to offer a material and spiritual benefit to those who worship with us.”     
—Elise Bacon, New Paltz Meeting, monthly meeting subscription holder

"My family and I have been attending conferences at Powell House for over ten years, but until this year I only occasionally came on my own. I’m not the greatest at getting out of the house and away from family responsibilities, or spending money on myself-it feels so frivolous! This year I have learned something important about myself; having paid for conferences in advance makes it much easier for me to get out of my house and go on retreat from my daily life. When I read about a conference and find myself thinking “that sounds interesting,” or “that feels a bit out of my comfort zone, but I bet I’d get something out of it,” instead of making a mental note about it which I will soon forget, I sign myself up. I figure I might as well go since it is already paid for. Then I place it on the family calendar, carving out that space for myself. Thanks to my subscription, without intending to, I have improved my capacity for self-care by creating a new habit of giving myself permission to take a break from my responsibilities to others to be responsible for and to myself in order to learn and grow as a person and a Friend.  The conferences I have attended have helped me to gain new skills and perspectives, as well as to connect with a larger group of people from all over who are interested in doing the same. Each conference I have participated in has truly been a gift to myself.” 
                                           --Heidi Kelly, Old Chatham Monthly Meeting, PoHoCo clerk, individual subscription holder.

QUERY: Can you or your meeting benefit from greater participation in Powell House programs?

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