Planning 9th - 12th Sept 13-15
I Would Like To ... 6th -8th Sept 27 - 29
Family Trees 4th - 5th Oct 4 -5
Junior Counselor Training 9th - 12th Oct 11 - 13
Want to Be Happy? BE. 9th - 12th Nov 1-3
Enough is Enough 6th - 8th Nov 8 - 10
A is for Apple Sauce and All That Applause 4th - 5th Nov 22 - 24
WinterSong 2013 7th - 12th Dec 13 - 15
Sliding, Gliding, Striding 4th - 5th Jan 17 - 19
Great Goblets of Fire, The Truth Be Told 6th - 8th Jan 24 - 26
A Funny Space 9th - 12th Jan 31 - Feb2
A Story to Tell 4th - 5th March 7 - 9
Incredible Edibles 6th - 8th March 14 - 16
Mind Your P's and Q's 9 - 12th March 21 -23
I Am _??_ 11th - young adult April 25 -27
What's Bugging You 4-5th May 9-11
EarthSong XL 7 - 12th May 24 -26
Hmm?? 6th - 8th June 13 - 15
UnWinding 9th-12th July 31 - Aug 3


Planning 2013

9th – 12th grade

Sept 13-15, 2103


We arrived on Friday to hugs and laughter as we reunited with missed friends and recognized old faces.  After an unusual dinner of macaroni and cheeseand an invigorating Honduran Hat Game, we settled into an informative and imaginative Wagon Wheel discussion.  After more small group discussion that included suggesting future conference topics, a Pata-Pata crisis was averted  with the aid of two youth attenders (and their mp3 players).  It was off to bed after the stories about animals in Hell.

Saturday morning dawned to bright and cheery faces (after coffee, that is).  We had a brilliantly benevolent bagel breakfast, session where heard some awesome segues and played Snakes in the Grass and a competitive Four On a Couch.  Then we broke into small groups where we had quality discussions about things that are hard to talk about and planned future conferences.  We broke to free time where we played hard core Ultimate Frisbee.

Lunch was the usual but excellent soup and sandwiches, which led into some more liberated free time.  We worked hard on various projects for an hour and then went into more free time, Frisbee, jamming and random discussions.  Then – a much wanted and appreciated three-way massage.  A relaxing self space followed.  Dinner was pulled pork, sweet potatoes, coleslaw and a stew for the vegetarians.  Birthday dessert was an amazing chocolate cake with fresh raspberry sauce and then some free time. 

We conglomerated into session with a fish bowl exercise and then expressed our interest in our favorite conference ideas by sticking dots on the list.  We had a beautiful candle-lit walk down and into the labyrinth, played with hot wax, enjoyed a musical and comedic cabaret.  Snack, free time, and a story about Child X followed.  We hugged and went to sleep, drowsy and regretting how soon we’d have to go.

Sunday, we woke up to the usual morning chill, made our beds and wolfed down a scrumptious French toast and pineapple breakfast.  We played an enlightening Molly’s Game and ate a delicious taco lunch.  We reluctantly said our good-byes and departed, another Planning gone.

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 I Would Like To

 6th to 8th Grade
September 27-29, 2013

 Friday was all around a fun day.  It was the beginning of a really filling weekend.  People were playing fruit bowl.  A few hours later we also played a difficult game of Sardines.  We had pasta and some delicious ice cream sandwiches.  Of course after an exciting beginning, many people had a hard time trying to keep from talking with their roommates.  People had trouble sleeping and couldn’t help but feel the energy even after lights out.

On the fabulous day Saturday we woke up to an amazing breakfast of oatmeal with toppings. During session we did a name whip and had lots of fun.  Then we had free time and people reported liking hanging out with friends, just chilling, making friends four years older than them, and having tea.  Meal crew was called and soon we had a delicious lunch of sandwiches and soup. 

After lunch we had work projects which people liked.  There was apple and grape picking, waterfall trail work, hanging out in the woods work and creating art for brochures.  Then we had more free time, but our tea had been stolen because we were too messy with it.  We had snack and then session.  During session we had fun doing 3-way massage and after we were released into self-space.  People took showers, read, went for walks and did homework.  There was another meal crew and then a great supper of some meat thing, potatoes and green beans.

We had session and people liked the games we played where we did mirror images and Colombian Hypnosis.  Then we had the always fabulous cabaret with head standing, ping pong bouncing, expectations versus reality show, musical instruments and songs, jokes and many, many more fabulous acts.  After that we had a dance party and a bonfire during free time.  For quiet time we read an interesting story and a beautiful lullaby was shared.  We went into our rooms for bed, and this time most of us fell peacefully asleep.

Sunday morning we got up at 8:00, made our beds, pack our bags and came downstairs for a delicious breakfast of pancakes and homemade grape jelly.  Afterwards we split into our groups in order to take down pillow forts, write the epistle, and clean up the extremely messy costume closet.  After PoHo was as perfectly clean as we could make it we came back into the common room for session & games.  We took a quick break for tea then got out the songbooks and sang songs like “My Rhinoceros” and other PoHo favorites.  After a delicious lunch we began to leave one by one.  Good-bye PoHo!!!

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Family Trees

 4th – 5th grade
October 4 – 6, 2013

 On Friday most of us got to PoHo between 6:30 and 7:30 and had a plentiful dinner of macaroni and cheese.  After that we played fun games, including squirrels and trees.  We played a round of sardines and then heard a story to calm us down and prepare us for bed.

We woke up Saturday ready for a great day at PoHo.  Session started at 9 o’clock and we had some free time at eleven.  Some of us went on walks on the trails while others prepared for cabaret.  After lunch, we went to the bird sanctuary to find our family trees and played wild people. 

When we returned we had snack and a check-in session.  Following that we had three-way massage.  Wild people and three way massage were some of the favorites amongst us.  During self space we had time to do our homework, practice our instruments or just be alone doing something.  Then we had 30 minutes to prepare for cabaret before dinner.  After supper and session we had cabaret with many great skits and songs (voices and instruments).  After that, we had the rest of story about when Kanga and Roo came to the forest and then we went to bed.

Sunday, everyone was sad to leave PoHo but we knew we had to clean up first.  After clean up, we played a game of primate bellows, sang songs and settled into silence together.  When we had lunch all our parents started to come and we had to leave.  Everybody was sad to leave all their new and old friends, but we’re happy to go home.

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Enough is Enough

Nov 8 – 10, 2013
6th – 8th grade

 On November 8, 2013, the 6th – 8th grade conference Enough Is Enough started.  This conference we were trying to learn when to express when things become enough or too much.  We also had to learn to respect other people’s opinions on what is enough.  Many people were expecting fun, which they definitely got.  Other expectations included awesomeness, which was also received.  Some people did not expect anything in particular and some just wanted games and good food.  Some were looking forward to new people and friends.  There were many new PoHo-ers, as well as old friends.  Everyone expected to learn or to experience what the boundaries of “enough” are and we certainly achieved it throughout the weekend.

Over the course of the weekend there were many sessions relating to the theme. Some of the activities were to break into small groups and discuss things related to “enough”: quotes relating to enough were read and everyone shared thoughts on them.  Then we made up our own Enough is Enough quotes.  For some it was difficult to come up with a quote. 

Outside of session, many activities were offered.  Here are some highlights from many different people:
·    Sleeping
·    Free time
·    Name whips
·    Cabaret
·    Friends
·    Hugging
·    Banana tag.


 This whole weekend was elaborately schemed around this one word people often don’t think about.  But during this weekend we were encouraged to think about: What is too much?  Do I have enough?  And other great questions.  What do you think we will take home with us?  “I will always know when enough is enough.”  What did you learn?  “I learned that everyone has a different concept of enough.”  All in all,  this weekend was just enough for us.

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A is for Applesauce and all that Applause

4th & 5th Grade 


 On Friday, once we came we had a delicious supper of spaghetti and sausage. After dinner a meal crew cleaned up and the rest of us had free time. After that we had session and everyone played some games and got to know one another. We played squirrels and trees and then we did a name whip and what animal we would like to be. Also we discussed what stresses us out. Finally we split up into two groups and we did acting. Then we had to get ready for bed and come down for story time. We listened to a story. At 10:30 it was time to go to bed.

 Everybody woke up ready to start a new day. At nine o’clock we had session where we played games like “What are you doing?” and “Sharks and Stones”, then we went into four small groups to create and practice skits with the JCs. We played wild people during free time. Lunch was made up of delicious sandwiches and soup. We did fun work projects with apples, including making apple pie, applesauce and muffins and also pressing cider. We had fun with three-way massage. Then we had session after supper and cabaret prep. Finally we sat down to watch (and perform) in cabaret. There were skits, instruments, pillow races etc. We played amoeba sardines then heard another chapter of the story and went to bed.

 On Sunday, we woke up at 8 am. Everyone pitched in to help clean up. As soon as we were done, we played primate bellows. We did an affirmation circle where we shared the neat things we had learned about each other. We sang songs and then settled into stillness. Mike shared how being able to be still was really important for growth in baby rabbits and dear, panthers and even apple trees. We then had lunch and got ready to go home.

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WinterSong 2013

December 13-15

7th to 12th Grade

Friday night was a blast. We came in 90 + strong and instantly piled on to couches and cushions. We had a very good meal of pasta and sausage but we ran out of the pasta so we resorted to eating our friends (not actually). Chris K. made us some more food! Yum! After we ate we played some games and listened to good poems from Love That Dog. We went to bed awaiting the next day.

 On Saturday we played many games.We were busy in workshops that included cookie baking, improv, a joy-filled life, creative expressions, learning to speak our truth,tree and dining room decorating, Tai Chi, caroling and a very chilly but beautiful walk to Dorson’s.We sandwiched in lunch in between the workshops.During free time wink ‘em was played.After that we had a choice between three-way massage or healing energy work then moved into self-space.Not quite as long or as quiet as we might have wanted it still gave us a breather before we got dressed up for the “fancy” dress up dinner in Pitt Hall.

 After dinner, we had a stunning, long cabaret with a beautiful rendition of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and an amazing broom solo.Then we retired to the ACC along a snowy candle-lit path where the hope tree awaited us.Quotes on hope, the song Dear Friends, a beautifully decorated tree and extended silence on the warm concrete floor knit us together before we gathered in clumpy piles to watch the classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas and hear more from Love That Dog.

 The next morning we had coffee cake and cleaned.A hearty crew of shovelers cleared the walkways from the foot of snow that fell overnight.Session went fast and was fraught with sadness at the thought of going home.The hour finally came and off we went, tromping through a winter wonderland.

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Sliding  Gliding  Striding

Jan 17 – 19, 2014
4th – 5th grade

Friday at about 7:15 we had a supper of spaghetti and meatballs.  In the 8:00 session we divided into small groups with our roommates to talk about things that help us slide or glide through life, things that bring us to a quick stop, and a time or place we get still and watch or listen.  We shared with each other during News of Me out of the Silence, had free time and then a story before bed time.

After a refreshing sleep we woke up Saturday morning and got ready.  The delicious breakfast was oatmeal with cranberries, raisins, and brown sugar, but if we didn’t want that there was cereal.  After breakfast meal crew cleaned up and the rest had free time.  When meal crew was done we had session.

We discussed cabaret. We did a name whip, saying ours names as if we were sliding, gliding or striding.  We played toilet paper tag, a new game.  In small groups, we learned the old PoHo games of Spanking Yoda and Count to Ten.  We played a version of shuffle board in the dining room and then went back into small groups.  We got cards with some of the things we had listed Friday night.  We created skits with those things that help us glide, that bring us to a stop and the time we get still and aware.

Banana tag and sliding on a tarp (not much snow yet) filled the morning free time.Lunch crew got ready for a lunch of sop and sandwiches.  The lunch crew cleaned up.  We all went to the campground to play “Capture The Wild People’s Flag.”  From there we went down to the sledding hill to slide on the frozen, icy and only partially snowy hill.  Hot chocolate warmer us up and we snacked on cheese and crackers.  Three-way massage relaxed us and self space was followed by the supper of Turkey, gravy and potatoes with ginger bread and whipped cream for dessert.

We played the Blanket Game in the 7 pm session  and got a good refresher on everyone’s names.  Cabaret was fun as always and very entertaining.  We were a good audience.  Free time followed Cabaret.  A story was read for quiet time and we went to bed.

On Sunday we woke up and stared to clean up our disasters of a room and changed the bedding.   Breakfast crew set up a nice meal of muffins, eggs, fruit and cereal.  We all did clean up in the whole building and outside.  We talked about up coming conferences, played Primate Bellows, shared comments for an evaluation and read the epistle.  As a group, we gave affirmations to the first time attenders (five of them!) and to the JCs, all three who were first time JCs but excellent.  We had a short break and settled in for singing and Silence.  After lunch, we cleaned up and departed.

Things we take away form this conference include:
·    We can slide on almost anything – literally.
·    We learned new games.  Playing banana tag was particularly fun because it is both an individual and team game at the same moment.  Everyone plays all the time.  If you get out, you will get back in.  It is dynamic and shifts. You can use diplomacy and skill.   
·    We need teamwork and to make sacrifices for the group.
·    We taught each other new skills like making string cat’s cradles.
·    We need to take care of ourselves and be aware of our bodies.
·    I can get overtired.
·    I should practice my ( insert name of your instrument or skill ) more.
·    I can actually do self space.
·    I should rest.

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Great Goblets of Fire

6th to 8th Grade

 January 24- 26, 2014

 Great Goblets of Fire : the Truth be Told was an exceptional conference. Our theme was exploring the magic of Powell house and discovering the magic we all possess. We also discussed the morals of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Some people’s expectations for the conference were a cool Harry Potter experience, and lots of fun. Others expected awesomeness and lots of fun. Others expected awesomeness or nothing in particular. Great Goblets of Fire definitely exceeded our expectations.


On Friday, we came in with a fresh start and a pile of hellos. We had a nice meal of spaghetti. Then we did session in which we found out what magical creature we were. We played Streets and Diagon Alleys. We got into groups and came up with what “house” we were in. There was Vesper, Elkenfall, Hozzypouffsz and Wolphishwan. We then got into “News of Me” and story time brought to you by Joey Drillings.
On Saturday we woke up, ate a meal of scrambled eggs and bagels. After we ate, we had session and told what our favorite magical class was and played Basilisks and Bludgers with few casualties. We got into small groups and discussed Truth and: courage, friendship, romance, saving face and saving the world. We went into wizarding arts. For lunch we had sandwiches with cheese, tuna and ham fixings. After lunch we went sledding and explored the pond ice. A bit later we reported on how we were doing and then went straight into three-way massage which lead into self-space. For dinner we had chicken, mashed potatoes, pumpkin juice and for dessert, Cauldron Cakes with the recognition of people’s birthdays. We then had cabaret with amazing acts and performances and JC skits. After that we put on a boogie and danced the night away.


On Sunday morning we got ready to go. W e had a breakfast of pancakes and honey dew. We had session where we played Primate Bellows. We then went over what we would have changed or what we liked about PoHo. This lead right into Molly’s game where we chose one person to be Molly and based on clues that were put ups we decided who it was. After a short break we played Harry Potter and the Basilisk (Rattler & Miner), sang songs and settled into stillness. People ended session content, full, relaxed and hungry as taco pizza odors wafted overhead.


Great Goblets of Fire, the truth be told was a great weekend. A fresh look at Harry Potter, this weekend had a lot of good to come out of it. We learned how to make wands, pensieves, buttons and potions, all of which (except potions) we will be taking home. In our pensieves, we took memories: “I got to wear this awesome costume” “I got to see friends and get away from the drama at school” “I got to bond with people you don’t see everyday” “I will remember sledding, the three nurture questions and the Hogwarts theme”


So, all in all, we had a great theme and happy memories is what we will take with us.


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A Funny Space

Jan 31-Feb 2, 2014

9th – 12th grade

We all began our adventure in the fair land of Powell, arriving by horseless chariots. We entered through the TARDIS into a world that’s bigger on the inside. We dined in the Great Hall of Jacki’s delicious morsels and caught up with each others’ tales of afar. Afterwards, we broke into small groups and immersed ourselves in other dimensions. Before our brief hibernation we heard the story of the adventurer Pete Seeger and his struggle against a corrupt kingdom.

 On Saturday, we arose with the morning sun.After our morning meal, we divided into small groups and delved into specific magical worlds such as Super Mario Bros, Dr. Who, Middle Earth, Orwell’s 1984, a world with no short term memory, Alice in Wonderland, and Where the Wild Things Are.We traversed over hill and dale in our chariots of the snow.We dined once more on hearty bread and stew from a witch’s cauldron.Then we wrestled for true love and companionship so no prince or princess would be lonely.Afterwards, each small group invited the whole group into our worlds.

 To alleviate the stress from our travels, we massaged each other and then spent some time with ourselves.We dined richly on the meats of flying beasts (with non-beastly delights for the vegetarians). Next we discussed our personal realities in small groups and then shared our magical talents in cabaret.We sensed something fishy: someone was missing.We all played sardines.We had a ball as we danced to the melodies of famous bards.We listened to a story that twisted our realities to the extreme.Which brought us to a deep slumber.

 On the day of the Sun, we awoke to the kiss of a Fair Prince. Plot twist, the Prince was pancakes, drenched in the sweet syrup of yore. We quickly tidied up the castle like the birds and squirrels. We played games, one of which was in honor of the Princess Molly. We sang, we shared out of the Silence, and had our or mid-day meal. We departed on our dragons to our homely abodes.


Alternate realities

Listed by the youth


City of Bones

Men in Black


Dragon tales

Laura Croft

Mary poppins

Anime world

World of Warcraft

Soul eater



Universe of Peace

Lion King

Where The Wild Things Are

Ghost Busters




John Hughes

Flat Earth


Super Mario Bros

Everyone is Equal

Kingdom Hearts

Gulliver’s Travels

Chocolate Universe

Ring World

Alice in Wonderland

No Gravity

The Giver

Golden Compass


No death, but still reproduce

Planet of the Apes

Game of Thrones

Everything is an 80s movie

Ender’s Game

Hitchhiker’s Guide


No Short turn Memory

Our Dads

Humans are marshmallows

Dr Who

Star Trek

Harry Potter

Star Wars

Howl’s moving Castle


Powell House

Fairly Odd Parents


Middle Earth


Studio Ghibli


Disc World


Marvel Comics

Sky is ground, ground is sky

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Incredible Edibles

March 14 – 16, 2014

We arrived on Friday evening ready for a tasty weekend.  We were looking forward to games and cooking.  We came prepared with our funniest and most embarrassing cooking stories.  We wanted to learn safety tips in the most enjoyable way – with friends.  We expected to have an amazing Powell House weekend, and a delicious one too.

With all the things we did this weekend it is hard to even keep track of it.  Some of the highlights were doing cooking projects that included homemade tofu noodles (that felt like cat food when we mashed up the tofu).  There was a cabaret where we saw a horse draw a cat –pony or something.  Even better, we made ZEBRA cookies. They were so delicious, oh, and bread sticks warm from the oven.

Now going with things we struggled with.  The noodle crews struggled with the texture of the tofu dough (cat food-like).  We shared many knives, cutting boards and ingredients.  We shared the burners on the stove and the ovens.  We also had a struggle coming up with cooking tips

This weekend was full of stuff to do.  Our time together was amazing!  We all took away happiness and a full stomach.  We learned new recipes and created fun memories.  Overall we had an amazingly yummy time.

Cooking Tips

From 6th –8th graders
March 14, 2014

These tips were identified in small groups as the kids shared their personal cooking experience stories.   They are in no particular order. 

1. Make sure not to use salt instead of sugar.
2. Don’t put your fingers in the blender.
3. Read instructions fully and carefully.
4. Ask an adult to help with anything that might be dangerous.
5. Have an adult nearby.
6. Use oven mitts.
7. Don’t put worms in your food.
8. Don’t try to change recipes unless you are sure.
9. Don’t put butter in the toaster oven.
10. Don’t mix chocolate and water.  Be careful when supplementing ingredients.
11. Read directions.
12. Don’t flip the pancake without proper instruction.
13. Make sure you know how long to cook the food.
14. Keep everything clean.
15. Make sure you actually have all your ingredients before you start cooking.
16. Don’t put pets in the microwave.
17.  Do not pour boiling water into other liquids.
18. Don’t have the heat so high that it melts your utensils.
19. Don’t leave wooden spoons on the stove.
20. If you use your grandmother’s recipe, then follow it carefully.
21. Don’t put foil in the microwave.
22.  Do not mix up teaspoons and tablespoons.
23.  Do not put garlic in the sugar.
24. Do not burn the building down.
25. No open containers.

Food prepared by the kids

  • Steamed Veggies and Tofu
  • Home-made Tofu noodles   (some plain and some fried up like pierogies)
  • Sushi
  • Zebra cookies
  • Home-made Bread sticks
  • Veggie lasagna
  • Apple crisp
  • TVP (textured vegetable protein) cooked Taco Meat style

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Mind Your P’s & Q’s


Hello and welcome to the


PoHo Cooking Show!


Your hosts are Chris, Robin and Annie.


Today we’ll teach you the Powell House Recipe.

To start with you’ll need some ingredients:

· Gather 35ish healthy sized teenagers

· 2 quirky co-facilitators

 · 1 purple AP

 · 1 quality cook

 To begin, mix all the ingredients together on Friday night with lots of hugs. Next divide ingredients into small groups and set discussion type to STORM. Feed ingredients snack of chips and salsa and air out for about 20 minutes in a game of Sardines. Spice ingredients with a story and let sit for one night.

 Next morning take out tired ingredients and freshen with a song and breakfast. Divide ingredients in two and have half self-sustain with cooking and half decorate. Make sure ingredients are well mashed with a game of Wink’em. When ingredients are fully mashed add more ingredients with lunch. Divide ingredients into two again, switch and repeat the self-sustaining step. Add sophisticated tea and conversation to ingredients. Gently knead ingredients then give time for reflection with self-space. Augment ingredients with dinner then divide into small groups and reset dial to STORM. Serenade ingredients with the exotic fruit of cabaret. Shake up ingredients in dazzling dance party. Let rest for another night. Let ingredients rise for another morning of singing and eating. Send ingredients off to clean up chores, then sift ingredients with a game of Wave. Divide into three groups, shower each ingredient with compliments. Let ingredients spiritually recuperate in singing and worship.

 If you have followed recipe correctly, ingredients will become emotionally attached and lament their leaving upon departure.

 Remember to add a handful of couch piles and a dash of love during preparation.

 Enjoy your heaping plate of Powell House Weekend!

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I Am __?__

 11th/12th grade & emerging adults

 April 25-27, 2014

 On Friday night we all arrived, short and tall, young and old. We got to know each other during a lovely dinner of spaghetti accompanied by deep, and not so deep, conversations. This retreat was different in that it was for 11th and 12th graders and emerging adults (up to mid 20s). And it was a coordination with our neighbors in New England Yearly Meeting.

 After dinner, we had session where we introduced Gabi, Helen, Mike and the Junior Counselors … who turned out to be all of us! We broke into small groups, shared something we doubt as a name whip and listed topics we’d like to talk about during other small groups during the weekend. After small groups, we did an exercise where we were all asked to draw a picture of a peanut butter sandwich and then see if anyone else’s peanut butter sandwich was the same. No two were the same. We talked about how saying “God” is like saying “peanut butter sandwich” in that it is understood by most people, but no two definitions are exactly the same. We talked about our expectations for the weekend and the schedule. We discussed what our behavioral guidelines should be for this group. We had News Of Me out of the Silence, free time, sardines, a story read aloud and went off to bed.

 On Saturday, we woke up at 8:30 and had breakfast. We made life maps during the morning session. While doing this we looked at our emotional and spiritual growth and how much our lives have changed over the years. We shared our life maps and talked about what intrigued us about other people’s maps. After session, we had free time, lunch and then a (grueling, for some) hike up to Dorson’s Rock for a worship sharing with the prompt “What brought you here?”

 We walked back down to the youth center for snack and some free time. We settled into a session where the group checked in with each person. We divided into three groups for the 3-way massage session (two people giving a third person a massage) where all participants received a wonderful massage and gave two. A relaxing Self Space was followed by a scrumptious dinner.

 For the evening session, we were invited to split ourselves into three groups to discuss three general areas from our list we had generated on Friday night: Theology (God, skepticism, serendipity, spirituality); Transitions ( anxiety, the unknown, changing friendships and finding new groups); and mental health and addictions. We all ended up in the mental health and transitions groups. We had deep conversations with many laughs and some tears. We broke session for a short and sweet cabaret with lovely emcees. We had free time and an amusing story followed by a good-night huggle, a lullaby, and a knee kiss (introduced by New England Yearly Meeting youth).

 On Sunday, we all woke up, made our beds and packed our bags before a delicious breakfast of potatoes and sausage (vegetarian sausage as well as animal). We all jumped into our respective clean up crews and then gathered into session complete with a rousing round of the Blanket game. Helen and Natalie answered some of the sexuality and reproduction questions that we had written down on Saturday. We all wrote prayers or wishes for ourselves on pieces of paper. We played Molly’s Game, combining mystery and affirmations. We sang songs as we traditionally do, but before singing the last song, River, we each read one of the prayers we had written earlier. We settled into a deep silence.

 Lunch followed and soon after everyone began the final clean up, finished by a dedicated few. Departures were sad and happy at the same time. The weekend was filled with hugs, dancing and love.

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What’s Bugging You

 3rd to 5th Grade
May 9-11, 2014

 Most of us got here on Friday between 6:15 and 7:30.  Some came later.  After a tasty dinner of spaghetti and meatballs we had session and a name whip.  We talked about the good in our week and made up a bug dance.  We had snack and Celia hid for Sardines.  Upstairs someone faked being the Sardine and a big clumped form.   For story time we heard a toddler’s letter to the child he hit – giving us a toddler’s point of view.  Apple saucy my friend!

Everyone woke up to a nice sunny day on Saturday, and ate delicious eggs and bagels.  In session, we played games like Bug Museum and Bug Out Tag.  Then we split into small groups and talked about feelings and played games.  We went outside and looked for cool bugs and came back inside to make bug masks.   In the free time that followed, some people played Banana Tag, Ping Pong and made cool forts!  We had lunch then did work projects like planting flowers, washing walls, picking up sticks, raking leaves and drawing art for the brochure.

We played a really fun and tiring game of wild people, followed by a relaxing 3-way massage.  In the evening we had a hilarious and fun cabaret with a bus stop that included everyone.  After an awesome game of Amoeba Sardines we learned why monkeys live in trees and sleep is good.

Sunday began with pancakes then clean up.  We played Primate Bellows and an all-inclusive Will You Buy My Whatever that actually showed how well we knew one another.  We did affirmations and broke for an extended free time since we were really doing well as a group.  We gathered for singing and then worship after which many people spoke about feeling relaxed, happy and hungry!

This weekend we go home feeling amazingly awesome and tired!  New friends were made and great laughs were had.

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EarthSong XL 

(XL as in 40th , not extra large)

7th - 12th grade

May 24-26, 2014

 On Saturday night we gathered after a confusing day of missing PoHo on Friday evening.  We began the celebration of our wonderful graduating seniors.  For dinner Chris K., Jacki, Joey, and Jacqueline made spaghetti with sausages.  We gathered in the common room for session where everyone was introduced.  We then split into small groups and proceeded to explain what we were excited by in the worls.  We moved into yet smaller groups and invented words that explained how it feels to come together at PoHo for us.  Returning to the common room we shared our words.  We all sat again and enjoyed the abridged version of the boundaries and rules but some of us missed the dying goat impersonations.   News of Me followed with amazing updates on many peoples’ lives both wonderful and sad.   We greatly enjoyed quiet time and Nina read us Snow White and Rose Red.  We all gave hugs and slipped off to our rooms as the JCs Lily, Emma, Guinevere, Keyra, Hawkins and Monya hurried us away hoping for a short JC meeting, as they, like all of us, were exhausted.
In the morning, we sprang out of bed and ate a delicious meal of oatmeal loaded with scrumptious toppings.   Then, while the meal crew bravely cleaned up, everybody else had free time.   After that, we had session and played the Honduran Hat game.   We soon split up into workshop groups where we learned to write songs, have conversations, do up the dining room in style, plant flowers, toss toppled trees, roll spring rolls and fight alien invaders.  Then we had a lunch of sandwiches and awesome soups.
After a free time of swimming, wink ‘em and ultimate Frisbee, we had session again.  We enjoyed a second round of workshops then enjoyed a snack of chips and salsa, thoroughly prepared for 3-way massage or energy healing work followed by self space.   Post-self space, we got ready for a delicious dress-up dinner.  After the 7th & 8th graders were affirmed by the seniors, we ate ravenously and then had a legendary cabaret followed by ice cream sandwiches, dancing and a night walk.  We tumbled into bed and slept the night away.
On Monday Morning, we woke up with tears in our eyes, but they quickly faded as we sat down for a delicious breakfast of eggs, bagels and fruit salad.  Next we worked our butts off to get the ACC all cleaned up for the next session.  During the session we played Honey if You Love Me where many hearts were broken but new love was found.   Next we had a beautiful ceremony for the seniors who are starting new adventures.  We had an amazing lunch of pizza and inger foods that filled us up!  But then we had to do the impossible…say goodbye! ? We will forever remember the EarthSong of 2014 to be the best.

sing the high note to take you to the top


 rising 6th - 8th grade
June 13-15,2014

 We had a weekend filled with fun and games,  We arrived on Friday to a game of Fruit Bowl.  We had macs and cheese fir dinner, but found something amiss.  The macs and cheese had vegetables in it.

On Saturday, we all joined detective academies to learn team work, cross raging rivers and jump through a flaming jump rope. Afterwards, we split into detective units to investigate: who, where, how, with what, when and why.  We searched all over the campus finding clues to our mystery.   We found that Jacki, the cook, had committed a crime.  She chopped, pureed, stirred and cooked carrots into the macs and cheese on June 13 to be “so stealthy to be healthy.”

Afterwards, we had free time with a people pile, capture the flag, and banana tag.  Work projects of weeding and moving fallen trees were followed by a chilly swim in the pond.
We settled into 3-way massage and guided meditation.  We went into self space.  In the evening, each detective unit regrouped to put together all the clues and reconstruct the mystery.  Cabaret was a delight as usual.  Many went on a night-time walk before a quiet time story and then we all went into a deep and tired slumber. 

We woke up Sunday very tired. We made our beds and went downstairs for blueberry pancakes.  After breakfast, we cleaned up for the next group coming in.  We played Primate Bellows, Molly's game, sang together and settled into Silence.

We had lots of fun, but it always seems there is not enough time for everything.  None of us want to leave Powell House.  The great bond here makes it feel like a second home.  It is no mystery that Powell House is a tight and inclusive community.

Where did the top go? Oh, another mystery ...

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