Wild Edibles II ... 3rd - 4th grade with a parent

Cancelled due to low registration

Excellent events to come to with parents and children are:

Fall Work weekend, with contra dance and story telling 

October 25-27

There will age-appropriate projects for all.  Inside, outside, physical, thinking - something for everyone as we get the buiuldings and grounds ready for another winter. 

New Year's Celebration: Cherishing Family and Friends  

Dec 30 - Jan 1

3 days of fellowship, fun, music and community.  This no-alcohol event lets us enjoy the spiritual connections and long conversations with a wide age and variety of people. 

August 23-15, 2019
Berries?  Grape Leaves?  Acorns?

Jo Clayson and her service dog Ace will return for a second round of searching the Powell House Grounds for edible plants in the woods, fields and maybe ponds.

Bring your adult, your curiosity and a story or two to share from your summer adventures.

Special rate of $200 per child/adult pair.  ($100 each)

A kid attending without an adult will pay the normal rates.  ($130 for a multiple conference regisitration, $160 if signing up for just one.)

August 23rd, 2019 6:15 PM   through   August 25th, 2019 1:30 PM
Event Fee(s)
Registration Fee
Standard Rate per person $ 100.00