Sojourning or personal retreats are by prior reservation only  -  no walk-ins

 You should know:

Rooms with a private bathroom

Bernard Walton Room

1st Floor

4 single beds

wheelchair accessible bathroom & shower

(Beds may be moved for better wheelchair use)


Delbert & Ruth Replogle Room

2 single beds


Grace Haviland Room

2 single beds

shares the bathroom with Nine Partners Room


Nine Partners Room

shares the bathroom with Grace Haviland Room

three single beds


John Woolman Room

3 single beds and a bunk

(5 total)


Robert Barclay Room


4 single beds and 1 bunk


Hollingsworth Wood Room

2 single beds

can add 1 cot or even 2

Elizabeth Fry

1st floor

1 bed

shares bathroom with Bernard Walton


Rooms with bathroom down the hall



Loring Crossman Room

5 single beds

Lots of windows!


Rufus Jones Room

1 single bed

directly across hall from Loring Crossman room,

so it works well for a family to use both rooms.

Mary Dyer

2 beds

small sink in room

Phebe Wright

2 beds

east-facing windows for early risers


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