Sojourning or personal retreats are by prior reservation only  -  no walk-ins

 You should know:

  • We do not have TVs or phones in the rooms. 
  • Free wi-fi is usually available, but not guaranteed.
  • There are fans in each room, but no air conditioning.
  • We ask that there be no pets, alcohol, tobacco or illegal drug use on the property. 
  • There are several common rooms (two with functional fireplaces), a pond and hiking trails. 
  • We offer a cold breakfast, hot coffee and teas on days there is not a conference. 
  • When there is a conference, check for sojourning availability and pricing that include meals.

Rooms with a private bathroom

Bernard Walton Room

1st Floor

4 single beds

wheelchair accessible bathroom & shower

(Beds may be moved for better wheelchair use)


Delbert & Ruth Replogle Room

2 single beds


Grace Haviland Room

2 single beds

shares the bathroom with Nine Partners Room


Nine Partners Room

shares the bathroom with Grace Haviland Room

three single beds


John Woolman Room

3 single beds and a bunk

(5 total)


Robert Barclay Room


4 single beds and 1 bunk


Hollingsworth Wood Room

2 single beds

can add 1 cot or even 2

Elizabeth Fry

1st floor

1 bed

shares bathroom with Bernard Walton


Rooms with bathroom down the hall



Loring Crossman Room

5 single beds

Lots of windows!


Rufus Jones Room

1 single bed

directly across hall from Loring Crossman room,

so it works well for a family to use both rooms.

Mary Dyer

2 beds

small sink in room

Phebe Wright

2 beds

east-facing windows for early risers


Powell House is the conference and retreat center of the 

New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Powell House
524 Pitt Hall Rd
Old Chatham,  NY
phone  518-794-8811
fax     518-794-8815
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