Creativity & Spirituality 2017

February 24-26, 2017

If art leads you to a deeper spiritual journey or your spiritual journey leads you to be more creative or if you just want to explore the relationship between creativity and spirituality, this retreat is for you.

Through all forms of creativity we find opportunities for deepening our spiritual journey. In a creative community we will delve into the interrelationships between creativity and spirituality through a variety of art forms: quilting, weaving, sculpting with clay, painting with watercolors, knitting, crochet, music, cooking/baking, or origami. Each area will be led by a specialist and the time will be rich with worship and creating. The weekend culminates with a whole group sharing of our creative process and our creations.

This multigenerational weekend has become one of our most popular, so we are in 2 houses. Register early if you have a favorite room or a specific building.

  • Anne Pomeroy, New Paltz MM - quilting
  • Peg Keiser, Poughkeepsie MM - weaving
  • Gwen Wollney, Rochester MM - weaving
  • Mark LaRiviere, 15th St. MM - sculpting with clay
  • Catherine Ramey, 15th St. MM - watercolors
  • Gabi Savory Bailey, Chatham-Summit MM - knitting
  • Naomi Paz Greenberg, Morningside MM - crocheting
  • Ed Seliger, New Paltz MM - music
  • Brian Menyuk, Old Chatham MM - music
  • Chris Koster, Albany MM - cooking/baking
  • Juliet Ramey-Lariviere, 15th St. MM - origami

Register by February 11th: $230/adults; $115/ages 13-22; $57.50/infants-12; $165/commuters

After February 11th: $250/$125/$62.50/$185

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