The end of summer.

The start of a new school year. Perhaps the beginning of your Powell House Youth Program journey.


What better way to spend the last few days of summer than here with us? Swim in Lea pond.

Explore the youth center and grounds.

Play games, make frozen treats and watch your adult be a kid again.

The adult (could be a parent, a grandparent, etc. ) jumps in and participates like another youth attender. We all follow the youth program behavior guidelines - so it is nice way to be with your kid, with out electronics, and someone else decides what is for supper!

Designed for new attenders and their parents, it is a great way for parents to experience first hand what happens during a youth conference.

The fee is $100 each or $200 for the adult and youth. 

Register the first person, then when you get to the checkout page you can click on "Register For Another Event" and select the same conference to register the second person.  The form will automatically fill in with the first person's info, so you will need to change the name, age and any other info that is different.


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