We will try this again at the end of the summer. 

August 31 - Sept 2,  2018

Check out here shortly for the registration and more details. 

 Play games. Take hikes. Share stories. Swim in the pond. Enjoy one another and the great outdoors.

We’ll look into the mystery of the night sky and think about how we got here and where we might go.

Your packing list:

  • a toothbrush,
  • a swimsuit,
  • a clean shirt, and
  • a parent who will jump into the conference just like you.

When you register on-line, sign up one person first. Then click the "register for another conference" button at the end and you will get a another form with all the info you just filled out.  So change the name, the age, the food needs and anything else that is different and submit it.  Then you will both be checked out together.

Fee $125 each.

Powell House is the conference and retreat center of the 

New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

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