We will get some info up here  when we develop it... BUT SAVE THE DATE !!!

Dec 14-16

This is our traditional two-house conference where older middle schoolers join our high schoolers to create a vibrant, joyful community.

Large, boisterous sessions mix with small group gatherings for deeper discussions, creative expression and work projects.

Saturday night culminates in a dress up dinner and talent-filled cabaret.

This is a popular conference. Up to 82 kids, using both buildings.  Priority will be given to those who have participated in conferences throughout the fall.


Nov 16-18

What better name for our semi-annual bridge conference?

A conference that has to do with connecting to others, being present in a group, exploring the connections between different aspects of our lives and  sharing how we connect to our inner selves.

Lots of time for small group discussions, trust activities, spiritual practices and excellent food will strengthen our connections and ground us as a community.


Dec 7-9

As winter begins and the days grow shorter we’ll tap into our inner joy with play, music, art and good food.

We’ll share our ideas around what spirit is and our experience of it.

We’ll look for it in each other and practice some different ways of tapping into it.

Nov 2-4

It’s a real gift to let someone know they’ve been heard but it’s not always easy to listen.

It’s great to be heard but it’s not always easy to put what we know into words.

And then there’s that “still small voice” Friends talk about.

Does it use actual words or is it more of nudge. Is it our conscience or something else? Is it even there?

This retreat we’ll practice active listening with one another by sharing our stories.

Then we’ll go in search of that elusive (or not) “still small voice” and see what we encounter.

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