March 17 - 20, 2018  Washington DC

We will take up to 10 high school youth to participate in the Friend's Committee on National Legislation's (FCNL) annual spring lobby and advocacy training weekend.

Register here by February 1, if you are interested, and we will contact you.  This is an application process to attend with the PoHo youth program.  We will select up to 10 participants to go with us.  We are looking for people who are serious about social justice issues, particularly immigration, and learning how to create change inn our country through the legislative process.  You must have previously attended Powell House youth programs and demonstrated responsible behavior.

(YOUNG ADULTS should register directly with FCNL and make their own transportation and lodging arrangements.  We would love to have a bunch of young Quaker folks there from NY yearly meeting!)

At Spring Lobby Weekend 2018, hundreds of students, recent grads, and young adults will come to Washington, DC to learn how to be effective change makers.  The main focus for Spring Lobby Weekend will be immigration.
Participants will: 

  • Hear from policy experts, high-profile speakers, and other grassroots advocates on solutions to fix our broken  immigration system.
  • Lobby 3 members of Congress and/or their staff.
  • Practice advocacy techniques from writing effective letters to the editor to grassroots organizing.

We plan to stay together at a youth hostel arranged by FCNL. 

Here is the basic information from FCNL

Here is the FCNL printable flyer

This page has the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cost:  $445 plus the cost of transportation

We will figure out transportation to Washington DC when we see who is going with us and where they live.  We plan to leave Friday afternoon and return Tuesday night.

(The $445 includes 4 nights at the hostel, meals, the registration fee, local transportation and a Powell House program fee.)


June 7 -8, 2018   

Thursday noon to Friday evening

Reconnect.  Rejuvenate.  Sing a song, share a laugh, exchange a massage.

with the option to stay for the multi-generational  "Year At Hog Warts"conference.  The details on that conference will be up here shortly!

Fee: $75

The recent grad retreat PLUS the "Year At Hog Warts", including your turn in the sorting hat, = $180


July 6-8, 2018

Camp out. Cook out. Play games. Take hikes. Share stories. Swim in the pond. Enjoy one another and the great outdoors.

We’ll look into the mystery of the night sky and think about how we got here and where we might go.

Your packing list:

  • a toothbrush,
  • a swimsuit,
  • a clean shirt, and
  • a parent who will jump into the conference just like you.

When you register on-line, sign up one person first. Then click the "register for another conference" button at the end and you will get a another form with all the info you just filled out.  So change the name, the age, the food needs and anything else that is different and submit it.  Then you will both be checked out together.

Fee $125 each.

July 12 to 15, 2018

A long weekend for unwinding ending with an all-night movie festival plus munchies.

Beginning Thursday, we’ll come together to work, reflect, play, swim and converse.

If you’ve seen or heard of movies that handle thought-provoking issues with humor and tenderness, send in the titles with your registration and we’ll preview them to carefully and enthusiastically consider your suggestions.

Fee: $180

July 6-8, 2018

It’s a jam-making,



fire-blazing good time!

What else is there to say except we hope you can join us for it!

Fee: $125.

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