Fall Work, Contra Dance, Storytelling - October 26-28, 2018

Enjoy learning new skills? Like to work among 57 acres of God's creation in Columbia County, NY? Bring your favorite tools, old clothes, and hearty appetites. Our cooks will have lots of good, nutritious & yummy food for us. We have plenty of work projects, both inside and outside our buildings. The Powell House executive directors and maintenance contractor will coordinate our work projects. The contra dance band and story teller are experienced and talented!

Contra Dance, Friday evening beginning at 8:15 pm.

Storytelling Saturday evening at 7:30 pm.

Register by October 16th: $85/adults; $15/children & youth.

After October 16th, $100/adults; $20/children & youth

Childcare available for ages 10 & younger with 3 weeks's notice.

Rest for the Weary, with John Calvi      October 5-7, 2018

Here is a time to see how deeply you can rest from the tension of everyday life and the worries of the world. John teaches simple clothes-on massage and energy work that brings new levels of quiet and stillness. Being quiet and complete relaxation become more important each day as we face the pain and chaos of current American life. Come rest and be restored.

John Calvi is a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in trauma, and a Quaker healer with a spiritual gift for the release of pain following trauma. He has 36 years of experience working with trauma survivors, inmates, tortured refugees, veterans, and overworked Friends. More info: www.johncalvi.com

Register by September 20: $280-$200/adults; $125/ages 13-22; $70/infants-12; $175/commuter

After September 20: $260/$145/$90/$195

Childcare with 3 weeks notice.

September 21-23, 2018

A Couple Enrichment Workshop is an opportunity for a couple to focus on their relationship, enhance communication skills, and deepen their appreciation of each other. Couple enrichment workshops help couples celebrate their relationship's joys and strengths, and develop skills to deepen and improve them. A Couple Enrichment program is not therapy; it is a way to make good relationships even better.

See the video here.

Couple Enrichment workshops are open to all couples in a committed relationship, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, or religious affiliation. Virtually any couple that gives a good faith effort to a Couple Enrichment program can benefit. Even if you've participated in a couple enrichment program in the past, many couples find that episodically participating in a Couple Enrichment program enhances their relationship skills and reaffirms their commitment to their partner.

Will we have to share everything with the group? The workshop emphasizes creating a safe and comfortable community, learning concepts and skills, and giving couples the time and space to focus on each other. Some sharing is expected, but no one has to share on any particular topic. Much of the couples' work is done in private. The program is not confrontational, and the ground rules assure safety and comfort for all participants.

Is there any leisure time during the weekend? In addition to our time together in large and small groups there will be ample time to relax with your partner, walk the Powell House grounds, explore the nearby trails and enjoy the fellowship of other couples. We will share excellent food and have the chance to socialize, sing and worship together. Having fun together is a way to nurture ourselves and our relationships, and it will be an important part of the program.

About the leaders: This couples weekend will be facilitated by Debbie & John Humphries of Hartford Friends Meeting. Debbie and John were married in 1990 and began attending Quaker meeting shortly after. They moved to Connecticut in 1998 and have served the New England Yearly Meeting in a variety of roles since then. They have been leading workshops since 2016. Debbie and John are both active in their monthly meeting and in New England Yearly Meeting. Debbie is part-time faculty in nutrition and public health; John is a community organizer working on climate change. They live in Hartford and have two sons, one currently in college and the other recently graduated.

Register by September 11: $280-$200/adults; $125/ages 13-22; $70/infants-12; $175/commuters

After September 11: $260/$145/$90/$195

Childcare with three weeks notice.



ARCH Re-Up, September 28-30, 2018

"Are you an older person? Do you care for an older family member or friend? Do you care about someone who is older in your meeting? Do you want to help dismantle agism in our culture?" This is an opportunity for ARCH Visitors, other members of the extended ARCH network, members (or emeritus members) of the Committee on Aging Concerns, and ARCH staff to get together for a weekend of renewal, re-invigoration, and resources. We will deepen connections with each other and our shared ministry of care and compassion, vulnerability and trust, stewardship and healthy boundaries.

We are all aging - it is what we do! But we don't have to do it alone.

Substantial scholarship funds are available, please ask for them.

Facilitated by: Callie Janoff. Callie serves as the Director of the ARCH (Aging Resources Consultation and Help) program of New York Yearly Meeting. She regularly facilitates aging related retreats and gatherings for groups, in addition to offering individual aging consultations, pastoral care visits, and managing the operations of the ARCH program.She is a member of Brooklyn Monthly Meeting where she serves on the Ministry and Counsel Committee, and as clerk of the New York Quarterly Meeting Working Group with a Concern for Quaker Life. Callie lives in brownstone Brooklyn where she also helps to organize a neighborhood Community Supported Agriculture program, and her local block association.

Register by September 18: $280-$200/adults; $125/ages 13-22; $70/infants-12; $175/commuter

After September 18: $260/$145/$90/$195

Childcare with 3 weeks' notice.

September 14-16, 2018

How old were you the first time you were catcalled?

According the results of a study by Cornell University, 35% of girls have their first experience of street harassment by the time they are 12. If there are places (and we all have places) where rape culture and toxic masculinity have affected you, then this weekend is an opportunity to tend those places.

What you learn about yourself - where you are strong, and where you struggle - will be a gift you can offer. Women need each other as allies and as true friends. We have to practice the art of lifting each other up, having each other's back, and loving each other well. In this way, we transform the world.

 Tara Rubinstein is the founder of Red Seeds, a feminist spirituality program for youth and adults. Over the past decade she has led programs that promote a holistic understanding of self and the world by focusing on topics such as LGBTQ identity, drag performance, spirituality, anti-racism, mythology and magic, sexual wellness, body positivity, earth-based spiritual practice and tarot. You can find out more about Tara at www.redseeds.org

Register by September 11th: $280-$200/adults; $125/ages 13-22; $70/infants-12; $175/commuters

After September 11th: $260/$145/$90/$195

Childcare available with 3 weeks notice.


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