Prophetic listening (held November '16) - Listening for the eternal patterns in our lives and the world around us; hearing God's Spirit speaking in our lives and in the world. Listening is at the foundation of Quaker witness. Reflecting on how the prophetic stream from the Hebrew prophets to today can help us better listen, we share stories of deep listening that help us hear patterns of the Spirit manifesting now.

Prophetic Ministry - September 22-24, 2017 - Acting and ministering as we embody God's Spirit speaking through us - is the heart of Quaker tradition. Reflecting on how the patterns in the prophetic stream can help us recognize the eternal patterns in our own lives, we will share our stories of how we live the prophetic ministry we are called to, bringing healing to a broken world.

Through the two workshops we will trace how the prophetic is revealed in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, flows through the lives of early Friends and ministers to our modern condition. Reflecting on our own experiences, we will share stories of how we listen for the eternal patterns, and take action grounded in the Spirit. We hope that participants will gain a clear sense of how we can nurture and encourage expressions of prophetic listening and prophetic ministry in each other, in our meetings and in our witness to the wider world.

The two workshops build on each other, but will also stand alone for those who can only attend one.

Debbie Humphries has co-led interactive workshops at New England Yearly Meeting, Woolman Hill, and FGC. She finds that a combination of information and experiential activities provides the most satisfying learning experiences.

Jonathan Vogel-Borne has served Friends in various Quaker staff and volunteer roles over the past 30 years, including New England Yearly Meeting (Field Secretary and Yearly Meeting Secretary) and Cambridge (MA) Monthly Meeting (Resident Friend). He has led numerous interactive workshops on various topics at local meetings, yearly meetings, and at other Quaker events.

Register by September 1st: $230/adults; $115/ages 13-22; $58/infants-12; $165/commuters

After September 1st: $250/125/65/185

Childcare with 3 weeks notice.


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