Oneness with Nature, August 18-20, 2017

Women's Weekend at Powell House with Renee Fogarty and Pamela Boyce Simms

The Women's March in early 2017 bore witness to the joyful midwifing of the Earth-centered energy. Our retreat will consider the pivotal roles women might play in this great, global unfolding. Deepen your experience of oneness with nature so that we can intentionally participate in this unfolding. Exploration of the major themes of ecopsychology will heighten our awareness of the interconnectedness and sacredness of all life.

By taking full advantage of the seclusion and beauty surrounding Powell House, we will explore how living into our unity with the Earth can heal us even as we heal the planet. We'll empower ourselves, our communities, and our world by engaging in numerous outdoor activities. Clarification of how perception and reality are interrelated, and direct experiencing of nature will help participants answer perennial questions such as: Who am I? What is my story at this point in my life? What is the "(s) Self?" Of whath whole am I a part? How can I fully live into that oneness? What will help me move toward greater wholeness and purpose? What do I have to offer my people, my community?

Our facilitators combine ancient universal practices which explore external and internal landscapes.

We'll engage in: An Aboriginal medicine walk, Earth-honoring ceremonies, understanding the architecture and impact of "mind" at individual and collective levels, guided imagery, and personal introspection.

In order to: Challenge self-limiting beliefs; Tap into the clarity and deep insight achieved by understanding ourselves AS nature; Access our deepest callings and intuitive wisdom; Facilitate new levels of trust, respect and communication with nature; Gain a wider understanding of the reality of the world in which we live in order to fully contribute to its evolution. 

This retreat is intergenerational and trans-inclusive.

 Register by August 5th: $230/adult; $115/ages 13-22; $58/infants-2; $165/commuters/campers.

After August 5th: $250; $125; $65; $175.

Childcare with 3 weeks notice.


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