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 Breathe, Just Breathe

 A Retreat for 11th & 12 graders and Young Adults

 February 10-12, 2017

 Hosted by Chris DeRoller and Mike Clark

 Balancing the demands of work, friends, and family; navigating the many transition you find yourself in at this stage of your life; solidifying or dissolving relationships can take a lot out of you. Each of us finds ways to cope, some healthier than others. This retreat will focus on caring for ourselves and for each other through meditative practices, energy work, play, creative release and spiritual practices. It is offered through the Powell House Youth Program and will follow the schedule, expectations and guidelines lines of that program. It is a wonderful opportunity to form deeper connections with folks somewhat younger, about the same age or somewhat older than you. Eric Snare and Susanrachel (Birdie) Condon will join Chris and Mike in facilitating this weekend.



Eric Snare: Once upon a time Eric was a youth attender at Powell House. He moved on to change the world with large street puppets. Now, and for the past 16 years, he uses improvisational theater and play in all forms to help young people and adults focus and re-ground themselves.






Susanrachel (Birdie) Condon: Birdie is a graduate of the Powell House Youth program and the Swedish Institute College of Massage Therapy & Allied Health Sciences and has been a New York State licensed massage therapist since 1991. Since 1994, Susanrachel has taught Bodywork for the Childbearing Cycle. She is mom to Hannah, Daniel and Malcolm.

 Chris DeRoller and Mike Clark have been the Powell House youth program co-directors for 16 years. They work with children, teens, young adults and older adults to create supportive, happy, spirit-filled spaces.

 Cost: $125 per person.










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