Sept 22-24  Revolution   9th -12th grade

Sun, moon, dreidels, hurricanes, merry go-rounds and us are just a few things that revolve. How is it that a word that connotes something as stable as the sun moving in our sky can also mean a dramatic and overarching change? What does your life revolve around? How do people start revolutions? If this is the great turning, what’s on the other side? What will our coming year look like personally and as a community?


 Sept 29 - Oct 1  Fitting In, Standing Out  6th- 8th grade

Puzzle piece or lighthouse? Are you trying to find which way to turn to fit into the whole or looking for a way to let the inner you shine out. Can you be part of the group and your own person too? Is that even possible in middle school? Join us in a space where you can both fit in and stand out. Learn ways to create that space in other places in your life for yourself and for others.


 Oct 13-15  Space Aliens, Magic and Us    4th -5th grade

When you think of space aliens, do you imagine a giant green being with dark eyes or a many-tentacled creature? What about magic? A bunny flying out of a top hot or Hermione with her wand? What would a Quaker colony on Mars look like? What magic powers might Quakers have? Join us as we embark upon a magical weekend of games and wonderment, asking one another what Quakers, magic and aliens have to do with us?


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