Idle August  -  6th-8th grade

August 18-20

Enjoy the lingering days of summer.

Being together. Being under the bright stars of the dark night sky (just a sliver of a moon).

Being quiet, relaxed, a time without stress. Nothing to do other than breath, listen and float with a cloud. Or float in the pond.

Or float a frisbee gently across the lawn in an Ultimate Frisbee game with the score always tied at 7 to 7.

Take these days for a simple gathering of young souls enjoying their world.

Be idle. Be real. Be you.

We will make new friends and practice the fine art of existing –

  • snacks,
  • games,
  • conversation,
  • music,
  • wandering in both mind and body,
  • settling into a quiet place and spirit.

Powell House is the conference and retreat center of the 

New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Powell House
524 Pitt Hall Rd
Old Chatham,  NY
phone  518-794-8811
fax     518-794-8815
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