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Registration: Wild Edibles I - 3rd - 5th grade with a parent (Jun 14, 2019 - Jun 16, 2019 )

First Name:
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FOOD: Check any of these restrictions that apply (you may explain details in the next box):
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Explain any specific food needs or things that the cook should know:
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TRANSPORTATION: Would you like to be included on the carpool list? The list is sent to people who are on it.:
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MONEY : The deposit amount will appear automatically on the confirmation page. You may change the amount by typing in what you want to pay at this time (above the minumum deposit).
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Ithaca - youth conference  
Rahway- Plainfield - all ages  
other meeting will pay (put the meeting or committee name & the amount they will be paying in the comment box)  
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TO SIGN UP 2nd PERSON: * FINISH the form and click "Next Step" * REVIEW the confirmation page and change the amount if paying more than the minimum * * CLICK "next step" ** CLICK the button "Register for Another Event" *** SELECT the same event again. The form will open with all the information from the first person. CHANGE the name and other information as needed.

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