August 18-20, 2017

Renee Fogarty (see bio)

The Women's March in early 2017 bore witness to the joyful midwifing of the Earth-centered energy. Our retreat will consider the pivotal roles women might play in this great, global unfolding. Deepen your experience of oneness with nature so that we can intentionally participate in this unfolding.

By taking full advantage of the seclusion and beauty surrounding Powell House, we will explore how living into our unity with the Earth can heal us even as we heal the planet. We'll empower ourselves, our communities, and our world by engaging in numerous outdoor activities.

Our facilitators combine ancient universal practices which explore external and internal landscapes.

We'll engage in: An Aboriginal medicine walk, Earth-honoring ceremonies, understanding the architecture and impact of "mind" at individual and collective levels, guided imagery, and personal introspection.

In order to: Challenge self-limiting beliefs; Tap into the clarity and deep insight achieved by understanding ourselves AS nature; Access our deepest callings and intuitive wisdom; Facilitate new levels of trust, respect and communication with nature; Gain a wider understanding of the reality of the world in which we live in order to fully contribute to its evolution. 

Registration: $230/adults; $115/ages 13-22; $58/infants-12; $165/commuters.

This retreat is intergenerational and trans-inclusive.



 August 24-30, 2017


Sorry folks - we've had to cancel this event due to low registration.  We will try this again at another time.

A family-oriented event exploring the cultural and natural surroundings and locations of interest around Powell House!! 

Come for the whole week or just a couple of days - whatever suits your schedule! Just let us know when you register what your plans are.  We'll make sure you are comfortable, well-fed, and have ample activity options.

Sign up each evening for the offerings of the next day which will include camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, nature-based crafts, exploring the sky or animals or insects or the land. There will also be worship opportunities each morning.

Cost - Residential: First 2 nights: $200/person; $400/family sharing same room.  Each additional night: $100/person; $200/family.

Cost - Commuters/Campers: First 2 days/nights: $150/person; $300/family. Each additional day/night: $60/person; $100/family

Have a kid going into 3rd or 4th grade? 

On Saturday and Sunday you and your child can jump into the youth conference INSIDE / OUTSIDE at no extra cost if you are attending Fun in the Sun.

Questions?  Give us a call.  518-794-8811. Check back for additional information.

Re-imagining Faith-Based Service, Activism & Relationships, March 15-17, 2017

join us for a three-day workshop to examine how to construct ethical and mindful faith-based service. Come explore how to build service opportunities that focus on care, reciprocal relationships and justice. Margaret Webb and Greg Woods will lead group sessions on forming and maintaining relationships rooted in buildings partnerships and practicing solidarity. The workshop will also provide space for group projects, informal conversations, relaxation and renewal. This workshop is for pastors, youth pastors, lay leaders, parents, youth, and service coordinators who want to imagine a new way to do service.

Margaret Webb is a recorded Quaker minister. She is the pastoral minister at New Garden Friends Meeting in Greensboro, NC, but her roots are in new York Yearly Meeting. Margaret is a graduate of Earlham College and Princeton Theological Seminary. Margaret has led a variety of retreats and classes for adults and youth and has served on a multitude of Quaker committees on the Monthly Meeting, Yearly Meeting and Friends General Conference level. When she isn't working, she is spending time with her husband, Christopher, and their two children, Teddy (who is 5) and Claire (who is 3). As a family, they love to have picnics outside, finger paint, and bake muffins.

Greg Woods is a lifelong Quaker and still holds his membership at Columbia (MO) Friends Meeting of Illinois Yearly Meeting. Over the past dozen years, his faith has been strengthened by his interactions across branches of Quakerism. Greg has a Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and served in ministry with Friends Center at Guildford College in Greensboro, NC. He now attends First Friends Meeting in Greensboro, NC where he lives with his wife Jenn Bonsall, their infant daughter Margaret Rae Bonsall, and their cat, Tuesday. Greg is dedicated to and passionate about Quaker service and the role that Young Adult Friensd (YAFs) have in its formation and actualization, which led him to be a founding board member of Quaker Voluntary Service.

Register by March 1: $230/adults; $115/ages 13-22; $58/infant-12; $165/commuters.

After March 1: $250/125/63/185

Childcare with 3 weeks notice.

Creativity & Spirituality, February 23-25, 2018

If art leads you to a deeper spiritual journey or your spiritual journey leads you to be more creative, or if you just want to explore the relationship between creativity and spirituality, this retreat is for you. Through all forms of creativity we find opportunities for deepening our spiritual journey. In a creative community we will delve into the interrelationship between creativity and spirituality through a variety of art forms: quilting, weaving, sculpting with clay, painting with watercolors, knitting, crochet, cooking/baking, and origami. Each area will be led by a specialist, and the time will be rich with worship and creating. The weekend culminates with a whole group sharing of our creative process and our creations. 

This multigenerational weekend has become one of our most popular, so we will use both houses. Register early if you have a favorite room or building.

Register by February 4th: $230/adults; $115/ages 13-22; $58/infants-12; $165/commuters.

After February 4th: $250/125/63/185.

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