Oct 13-15  Space Aliens, Magic and Us    4th -5th grade

When you think of space aliens, do you imagine a giant green being with dark eyes or a many-tentacled creature? What about magic? A bunny flying out of a top hot or Hermione with her wand? What would a Quaker colony on Mars look like? What magic powers might Quakers have? Join us as we embark upon a magical weekend of games and wonderment, asking one another what Quakers, magic and aliens have to do with us?


Oct 21  Rochester NY Quaker Youth Gathering


Nov 3 -5 Give Thanks and Pass the Frisbee 

Young Adults & 11th-12th grade


Nov 17-19  From Aargh or Ugh to AHHH 

6th -8th grade


Dec 1-3  Move It, Move It 

4th -5th grade


Dec 8-10  Winter Song  7th -12th grade



Saturday October 21, 2017

9 a.m. -5 p.m.

at the Rochester Meeting House

Ages: 4th grade - 12th grade

two tracks: Older / Younger (as needed)

There will be:

  • Music, art, games,
  • conversations and activities around the issues that are important to you.
  • A look at what people in your region can do (and are doing) to make our society better.
  • a group that accepts you just as you are.

Register on-line.  

or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Suggested donation of $10 for lunch, snacks and supplies - if you are paying on arrival or not paying, just put 0 in the payment line on the confirmation page after you submit the registration.

Aug 26 -27  Saturday - Sunday

An all-time favorite of the parents and kids who have attended in the past, this is one of our favorites as well.  Each kid brings an adult (parent, grand parent, etc.) who jumps into the conference as another youth attender.

In conjunction with the Fun in the Sun week we will have a full day and night of youth program activities for 3rd and 4th graders and their parents. We’ll play games, take hikes, share stories and maybe swim in the pond. We’ll also explore insides: of logs, the Anna Curtis Center (ACC), you. What’s inside that wants to get out and what from the outside do you let in?


What will parents do??

  • All the stuff the kids are doing, plus:
    • Meet other parents with kids the same age.
    • Get to know Chris and Mike, the Powell House youth directors.
    • Experience 1st hand what happens in a youth conference.
    • Get caught big time in elbow tag.
    • Have even more fun than the kids.  Laugh.

The cost is $75 per person.  We give financial aid on request (you tell us the amount). If you are already going to Fun in the Sun there is no additiaonl charge for jumping into Inside/Outside. 

"Fun in the Sun" is an unprogrammed week for families at Powell House --click for more info...


Feb 2-4, 2018

“Alone” comes in many flavors like those every-flavor jelly beans. ( “Hmm, is this flavor mango or ear wax?” ) Some are yummy and some are yucky.

Alone can be powerful; alone can be painful.

We will share experiences on how to cope with this universal experience and to practice ways to be powerful individuals, even when in a crowd.

But for most of THIS weekend we will not be alone. It is an almost full moon, so plan on group night walks ( Will we have deep snow for that? A frozen pond?) and a fire. We may be all adult-ish, but there should still be pillow piles, people piles and piles of snacks to keep us fueled for games and small group discussions.

In spite of the title, we also encourage you to invite other young adults who have not been to the Powell House youth program. This is a great conference for first time attenders or folks who have not been in long while.

Fee $125

While Mike Clark and Chris DeRoller plan to facilitate this conference, they probably won't do it alone. To start, much of the content was developed by a young adult who was left alone at Powell House due to a snow storm.


This conference is through the youth program, so adults who attend are expected to follow the schedule, expectations and guidelines of a youth conference.

Powell House is the conference and retreat center of the 

New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

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